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Windows 8 PE SE (Win8PE SE) ตัวสร้าง Windows 8 PE

The Win8PE SE project provides a basis for building a PE environment using a Windows 8™ DVD and supports both x86 and x64 architectures.
Copying the DVD's contents to a folder on your hard drive is highly recommended.

Required Files: To support Win8PE SE x86/x64 builds, some files are required from Microsoft's Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8. For details and instructions click here.
If You Do not Have Requested files first, They Will Be Only ONCE downloaded (10MB) DURING build by using JFX GetWaikTools.
You can also manually download them by using GetWaikTools script in Utils Folder.

Win8PE_SE is Based on the experienced organization and reliability of Win7PE_SE. Rewritten for Windows 8
So a big thanks to the precursors Yahoouk's and JFX's.
   Besides JFX continued help on numerous critical PE3 building cases and on PE4 as with WoW64 and other... We are happy to see him around.
Thank you very much also to sp_star with his good works, beautiful inspiration source.
Also a huge thank you to those who have actively supported the Win7pese project Lancelot, 2aCD, Galapo, Homes32 and ALL other.
Thank you very much to all who help to make live this project and to make it better.

Happy Testing & Using, I hope you like.

>>> Download Win8PE SE <<< 73.5 mb



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